The Sidmouth Lifeboat

This was a challenging and complex process which involved many steps.

The goal was to create a tractor that could be used as a launch and recover vehicle for the Sidmouth Lifeboat.

Stage 1: Sourcing the Tractor

The first stage was to get hold a suitable tractor; one that would be strong enough to tow the lifeboat up the beach, but also that was robust enough to not be dependant on electricals.

Here is an image of the tractor before we started working on it.

We went for a Renault 155.54.

Stage 2: Stripping the Tractor

In this stage, we had to remove all aspects of the tractor that were not needed, but we also had to remove anything that was needed that also needed to be water proofed.

Here is an image of the tractor after most of the parts were removed.

Stage 3: Waterproofing

This stage involved filling up all the gaps that would allow water into the mechanics of the machine.

Here is an image of the tractor when we had been stripped, cleaned and repainted.

Stage 4: Re-building the Tractor

For this section, we haqd to put all the items we removed back on. We only put essentail items back, as any electical items would be damaged by the water.

Here is an image of the tractor with the new stainless steel fuel tank we built.

Stage 5: Lanuching the Tractor

The last stage was to launch the tractor. Here is a picture of the tractor.